Who We Are

About QuizBee

QuizBee is an interactive quizzing platform for quizzers to create quiz shows and players to choose and play. QuizBee offers tools and technologies to the academics and trailblazers working in the space of education or otherwise to bring best of their knowledge to all demographics.

Why Quizbee ?

While playing a game of quiz can be fun, learning on the way is rewarding in itself. Organized competitions offer recognition to participants and winners. However, one's goal could not be just getting recognition, instead to challenge oneself to higher standards of knowledge everyday.

We believe learning helps develop information into knowledge while quizzing tests information along with the ability to stretch imagination to touch the horizons of knowledge. QuizBee helps build games to challenge with quiz at increasing levels of depth and obscurity. It supports organizers to host quiz shows and find participants within classrooms, communities, cities, states and across countries.

Why Quizbee?

Our Goal

We aspire to bring the educators, students and parents together to set the goals of learning, inspire higher degrees of engagement and objectively measure the same.

Our Mission

Quizzing is a fun way of connecting people across geographies and times. QuizBee intends to provide the necessary structure and tools for promoting quizzing and to inspire the passion to learn about people, places, endeavors and excellence in the human race across recorded history and beyond. We are an organization championing the cause of spreading knowledge across boundaries and taking the game of quizzing to new levels.