Following are some important guidelines for the participants before participating the quiz contests.


  A. Please make sure that "Sign Up"s are completed before playing the quizzes.


  How To Sign Up To QuizBee?
1. Click “Sign Up” at the top right corner.
  2. Fill the “Sign Up” form.
  3. A confirmation link will be sent to your email address used in “Sign Up” form.
  4. Check the email from and click “Confirm my account”.
  5. As soon as you click “Confirm my account”, your account is verified and you will be able to “Sign In” to your account    in QuizBee.
  6. Sign In to your account. Now you will be able to use the features in QuizBee as per your profile.




  B. Practice the quizzes on homepage & if you wish, you can download the certificates:


  Sample Quiz to practice:




  If a question contains an image or a video, you can open the image or video in a new TAB by right clicking on image or video and clicking "Open image in new tab" or "Open video in new tab".   Also you can play the video on 'Fullscreen' or  'Picture in Picture' for larger size by clicking the 'more' (three dots) in the video,  as shown in the image below.



  C. Note these points during the Quiz Contest.
  1. Sign In to QuizBee. Check the box "Keep me signed in". 
  2. Enroll the quiz (As instructed by the host of the quiz) by clicking the "Enroll Now" button and then click the "Play" button. 
  3. DO NOT CLICK 'Start Quiz' until you are not instructed to do so.
  4. Once you click "Start Quiz", your 'No. of attempt' will be counted. You will have only ONE ATTEMPT while on contest.
  5. If you 'Abort' a quiz in the middle of the quiz, your 'No. of attempt' will be counted as you already clicked "Start Quiz".
  6. You should NOT run same quiz in more than one window.
  7. If you "Skip Quiz" at the beginning, your 'No. of attempt' will NOT be counted. You have to follow instructions properly from the   Host of the Quiz.
  8. You should NOT use 'Back' button <- in the browser while the quiz is running.
  9. You should NOT close the browser until you attempt the last question of the quiz.
  10. After choosing an answer, you should click "Continue" for the next question until you reach the last question of the quiz.
  D. Allowed during the Quiz Contest
  1. Scale, geometry box, pen & paper, drinking water bottle.
  2. Video must be on during the enrire program. Participant should be clearly visible with device. Only one device per   participant. Either mobile or laptop/tablet/desktop.
  Laptop/tablet/desktop is preferred. Make sure that you are with a good network and sufficient power is available on your device.
  3. Mute your mic as per instructions given. Raise hands, communicate to the host on chat box instead of talking over mic during   contest (While answering questions).
  E. NOT ALLOWED during the Quiz Contest
  1. Moving out of desk for any reasons.
  2. Switching off camera. Switching off camera will disqualify for any awards, prize money, future discounted programs etc.
  3. Speaking over mic when asked to mute the mic.
  4. Person apart from the participant.
  5. Any type of calculator.
  6. Eatables
  7. Speaking to other participants in any form while answering questions.
  F. During the entire quiz program
  1. Directors from QuizBee and its Representatives & Partners, Parents can join the meeting individually from separate devices to monitor the program for it's smooth functioning. But they are not allowed to   participate the quizzes. Only the participants can be the part of the Quiz Contest.
  2. The entire quiz contest program may be recorded and may be shared when requested.
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