How to create & publish quizzes in QuizBee?

Please follow these steps to create quizzes. 

Before creating quizzes, you have to Sign Up to QuizBee as Quizzer.


Step 1: Log in to Go to the 'Dashboard', then 'Manage Quizzes' section.




Step 2: Click 'Create New Quiz'.


Step 3: 

a. Add thumbnail (image) related to the quiz. (Optional)

b. Add Heading, Description, Duration, Maximum No. of attempts allowed, Category, Subject and Level. Set 'Price' as 0.0 as playing quiz is free as of now.


Sept 4: Click 'Save'. Once the quiz is saved, questions can be added to the quiz.


Step 5: Click 'Add Question'. Select 'Question Type' from the drop down list and create the question. 

To add any image to the question, click the image icon on the editor and select the image. 


Click 'Upload', then click "Choose File", then "Send it to the server", then click 'Ok'. 

Finally click 'Add' to complete creating the question.



Repeat the above process and keep adding questions to the quiz.

You can test the quiz on your personal dashboard at the 'Recently Created Quizzes' section.


Step 6: To publish the quiz on the website so that the quiz can be played, the published button must be set ON as mentioned below and the quiz should be saved. 


A quiz can be published or unpublished at any time.


Step 7: A quiz can be edited using the following icon. Any question can be edited/added/deleted later on. A quiz can be deleted.


After publishing the quiz, go to the homepage to verify the quiz created by you.

You can share the quiz on social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


You can also share the link of the quiz on WhatsApp, other websites, emails, SMS your friends etc.  


Please note: 

If a quiz is copied from other persons, websites which can claim copyright violations, or inappropriate to the audience, the quiz can be removed from the website by the Admin.

So it is very much appreciated that a quizzer will create the quiz which is free from others' copyrights.